Art Metaverse Announces Dec. 18th Token Offering on TrustSwap Launchpad

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ArtMeta , a high-end fine-art focused metaverse encounter, has announced their own upcoming $MART expression offering on the TrustSwap Launchpad this Saturday, December. 18th at 5pm UTC.

Performers and galleries may soon be able to lease virtual galleries plus showcase their operate the Art Metaverse. Artists and art galleries will be able to sell their own physical, tokenized, or even digital NFT artwork directly to millions of people all over the world through an immersive, high resolution VR experience.

As ArtMeta connects top-notch worldwide art world individuals in a visionary, beautifully-rendered digital world, it really is creating an unique brand new paradigm for artwork sales in the rising and fast-growing electronic art market.

This hyper-realistic digital world is based on a good imaginary city developed by painter Jonathan Delachaux and author Jacques Houssay. These people created a mystic town on an island in which the art galleries, museums, shows, and conference areas can be digitally made but photo-realistic.

A perfect mixture of Soho, Art Basel, Documenta, and the Venice Biennale, art fanatics will be able to purchase incredibly rare NFT dependent artwork from worldclass art galleries and artists.

In this stunning city, all the doorways will be open and will also be able to visit unlimited spaces both inside and outdoors along with regular “pop-up” activities as well as high-end displays.

Take a look at these sneak-peak video clips of the Artmeta encounter:

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Meet The Team

Learn More About Artwork Metaverse

Symbol Offering Details

For the full information on how to participate in the particular $MART token providing, please see our own comprehensive blog post here .


Who are able to participate in the $MART Token Offering?

Anyone not really domiciled in the USA or even UN-sanctioned countries may participate in the ArtMeta token offering.

*The eligible countries checklist is selected simply by ArtMeta. If your nation is not listed, this may not mean you might be ineligible for upcoming TrustSwap Launchpad tasks.

** Launchpad dates are susceptible to change. This is not a good endorsement, partnership or even an offer for investment decision by TrustSwap. ArtMeta is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a client, with specific demands as to how they require their launch to use. TrustSwap is a company of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Electronic assets carry a higher level of risk. Involvement is performed at your personal risk. Exercise extreme caution and conduct your own personal due diligence.


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