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Halfway through 2020, TrustSwap was created to fill a gap in escrow payments. It has grown exponentially since then, adding new software features and benefits for all SWAP token holders and stakers. The SWAP token sold out in under 60 seconds. In this sector of the crypto industry, TrustSwap has become quite well known as a DeFi project. Its accomplishments are impressive, especially considering how young the project is.

Jeff Kirdeikis founded TrustSwap to make multiple crypto token purchases fast & cheap

Jeff Kirdeikis created TrustSwap in 2020 while working on another project when he realized that the crypto industry lacked a native service to facilitate timed token purchases. In order to buy a significant number of tokens, an investor would need the help of a lawyer or some other type of middleman, as they had no way of purchasing assets on their own.

Kirdeikis realized this problem and, since no one else offered a solution at the time, he decided to solve it by himself. In response, he founded TrustSwap, a platform designed to make multiple crypto transactions fast, easy, and cheap.

Projects like BitcoinVend, MobiePay, Modefi etc. Incubated Successfully by Launchpad

Since then, TrustSwap has developed a wide variety of services. This company offers a smart contract-based escrow service called SmartSwap; it has also created a time-locked payment system called SmartLock, as well as a crypto-payment processor called SmartSubscription, so that merchants can start accepting crypto payments for goods and services.

Soon after that, TrustSwap also launched its Launchpad, a platform for new DeFi tokens to gain exposure and have a successful launch. Many projects have taken off from the launchpad, including Chaingames,, Coin, MobiePay, AuBit, and GLITCH, Modefi, and SOTA. TrustSwap Launchpad also held its latest token offering for BitcoinVend on February 24th.

TrustSwap’s Collaborations & Partnerships

Meanwhile, TrustSwap continued to improve its services and partner with new projects, either for the purpose of expanding or bringing new capabilities.

TrustSwap, for example, recently announced that it had partnered with Polkadot (DOT), which will soon be added to its network. Also announced was the integration with Connect Financial, which will enable it to offer the crypto industry’s first real crypto credit card, where cryptocurrencies are used as collateral but the user uses credit to pay.

Additionally, TrustSwap partnered with, an emerging platform that facilitates cryptocurrency payments at online stores like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Last but not least, the company acquired its largest competitor, Team.Finance. The deal actually took place in late 2020, but it was a major move for TrustSwap, as it allowed the company to expand its team by adding Team.Finance’s developers and assets.

Mint to allow customization, inflation, deflation & staking

TrustSwap didn’t stop there either. Among the new services that it launched were its NFT and ERC20 platform, Swappable, as well as its TrustSwap SmartLaunch service, called Mint.

There is still a severe untamed nature to the crypto industry, and anyone can create a token and have it listed on Uniswap fairly quickly. Nonetheless, there are still risks of token dumps, liquidity pulls, additional token issuance, hidden loopholes in contract code, poorly written codes, and other risks.

People still have ideas and they need to launch tokens, which is why TrustSwap has a solution – Mint. Using Mint, users can create fully audited tokens within minutes and for free. Mint allows full customization, inflation, deflation, staking if desired, and more.

As you can see, TrustSwap is becoming bigger and more diverse than ever, and its ecosystem consists of a very impressive array of services. It is therefore certain to have a lasting impact on the DeFi sector and may even be one of the most dominant coins in the future.


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