Legion Network Announces Feb. 17th Token Offering On TrustSwap Launchpad

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Legion Network, a brand new blockchain ecosystem that will combines NFTs, Metaverse, Play2Earn, and Watch2Earn all within 1 app, has introduced the launch of the $LGX token at the TrustSwap Launchpad starting February 17th, 2022 at 5PM UTC.

We Are Legion

Legion Network is the initial blockchain ecosystem that will combines the best solutions of the industry as one “SuperApp” platform. These people already have a cellular app with over a mil downloads and video games you can play today!

The Legion ecosystem consists of:

  • Bluemoon : the particular world’s first collaborative NFT Marketplace having an integrated social metaverse
  • Arcadia : the GameFi / PlayToEarn platform with an game of competitive video games
  • Legion Rewards : Community engagement system that allows users in order to earn NFT’s, Crypto, & Prizes
  • Enable : Watch2Earn System with high quality programs on Legion System and other Blockchain tasks

The Legion System has been built being a community-centered platform providing a myriad of opportunities for everybody including working, actively playing, learning, and getting. Legion also enables users to have an energetic communication with cooperation and commitment in between developers, creators, business owners, and influencers. The city can participate in order to earn weekly benefits or enjoy the Learn how to Earn concept at the Empower Academy.

A Collaborative NFT Platform plus Metaverse

Bluemoon may be the first collaborative NFT marketplace with an built-in social metaverse. Customers are able to transact within the metaverse itself. Customers are also able to swap, lease, and showcase their particular NFTs. The platform includes a gamification feature that will unlocks additional benefits and benefits simply by engagement and communicating in the marketplace.

Legion Network can also be launching a fully created VR metaverse. Customers are able to purchase the VR rooms and display their own NFT’s within the metaverse.

Contests can be developed by brands, influencers, plus entrepreneurs to ask for and crowd supply NFT’s for new innovative concepts including advertisement visuals, brand identification, and community wedding.

Encourage Academy is an on the web learn-and-earn education system with a myriad of workshops and lectures organized in a clear plus precise way. Customers will be able to apply to checklist their own online classes, workshops, and pod-casts with additional gamification features.

Play in order to Earn Gaming and Rewards

Arcadia and Legion Rewards are portion of a state-of-the-art community-driven platform where users will be rewarded to take part in video gaming contests and finishing tasks. Daily Problem is a skills dependent platform where customers have 5 transforms to compete for that top 20 areas where winners will certainly share from the reward pool. There are presently 5 games within arcadia and more is going to be added every month.

You can down load the particular app now and begin practicing your skills!

Token Advantages

The particular $LGX token is going to be at the core of Legion Network’s entire environment. Legion token cases will earn benefits and get premium entry to all of their platforms simply by staking and then securing away the expression for a certain time period. This creates an actual use cases for the symbol as well as increasing requirement in the long term.

Token Resources

  • Lower transaction charges for Bluemoon
  • Access to additional Bluemoon features
  • In-game purchases on Legion Arcadia with LGX
  • Revenue through in game purchases/in game ads is going to be used to buy back LGX
  • Staking rewards
  • Higher tiers meant for Legion Launchpad (Launching 2022)

More use cases will be added because the ecosystem expands.

Staking LGX

There are many staking ranks for your LGX token which range from ‘Silver’ to ‘Legend’ below is an explanation of each rank as well as the perks it starts to you.

  • Gold : ( 10k LGX Secured ) — Arcadia: ten turns on Daily Problem
  • Gold : ( 50k LGX Staked ) — Arcadia: 30 turns within Daily Challenge, Entry to Bizpad, Level one on Legion Launchpad
  • Platinum ( 100k LGX Staked ) — Arcadia: Unlimited opens Daily Challenge, Entry to Bizpad, Level two on Legion Launchpad
  • Diamond : ( 500k LGX Staked ) — Arcadia: Unlimited turns on Everyday Challenge, Access to Bizpad, Level 3 upon Legion Launchpad, Extra Bluemoon perks, one feature on Legion Rewards
  • Legend ( 1M LGX Staked ) — Arcadia: Unlimited opens Daily Challenge, Entry to Bizpad, Level four on Legion Launchpad, Additional Bluemoon benefits, 3 features upon Legion Rewards, VIP Member Pass

A Objective to Change the World

So how are usually Legion empowering creatives and changing the entire world? By developing this particular blockchain-based ecosystem for connecting them and assist them unleash their particular potential using advanced technologies. Currently, merely a small percentage associated with individual creators get from NFTs, which includes private collectors, investors and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). However the field is open and there is large scope and possible.

Legion Network has an eyesight to introduce brand new categories of NFT purchasers into the picture which includes renowned brands, famous people, influencers and video game developers, to work together and engage with their particular audiences generating artwork and boosting reputation.

Programmers can crowdsource their own design concepts like creating new skin and weapons for his or her players. The greatest facet of this is that all of these types of developers can benefit through NFT technology plus work without anxiety about anyone stealing their particular ideas and masterpieces.

Legion Network Token Offering Details

Legion Network’s $LGX symbol will be offered at a good IDO price of $0. 075 via the TrustSwap Launchpad and the Sekuritance portal. Legion System will be performing the subsequent public release on their app with $0. 15. The particular $LGX token is going to be available to acquire upon PancakeSwap right after TGE. Over 2022, Legion Network will work along with partners to broaden trading options along with plans to include some other centralized exchanges in addition to other DEXs.

For complete information and participation guidelines, please see the comprehensive blog at:


Learn More About Legion Network

For more information about Legion System, click the links below:

Who Can Participate in the particular $LGX Token Providing?

Anybody not domiciled in the united states or UN-sanctioned nations can participate in the particular Legion Network token sale.


** Launchpad dates are usually subject to change. This is simply not an endorsement, relationship or an offer designed for investment by TrustSwap. Legion Network is definitely the TrustSwap Launchpad as a customer, along with specific requests about how they need their own launch to operate. TrustSwap is a provider associated with non-custodial, smart-contract-based software program services. Digital resources carry a high amount of risk. Participation is conducted at your own danger. Exercise caution plus conduct your own research.

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