Swappable Is Live: 1st NFT Drop From World-Renowned Artist Jani Leinonen

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TrustSwap is capable to announce the start of Swappable, an user-friendly NFT interface featuring special drops from world-renowned artists and celebs!

Starting Drop by Jani Leinonen!

Nowadays, we are pleased to reveal the opening fall on Swappable developed by renowned artist, Jani Leinonen . The particular artist’s first-ever NFT portrays his personal piece ‘ Things You Personal ’, the one-of-one animated art work created exclusively intended for release on Swappable.

The particular 3-day auction has become live and will consider on Friday, Aug 27th at 10am PST. You can view plus participate in the Jani Leinonen NFT fall right here .

Jani Leinonen is famous for his attention grabbing and playful functions criticizing capitalism and consumerism. Leinonen was propelled to fame right after his infamous kidnapping of a Ronald McDonald statue from a cafe in Helsinki, in which he posted videos on the web threatening to “ decapitate ” the clown if McDonald’s would not answer questions about its ethics.

In 2016, Leinonen was awarded the Finland Prize by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is given in recognition of a significant career in arts. Jani’s works can be viewed in museums as well as private and public collections around the world.

Jani transformed the Stalla Madulain gallery , a 500 year old barn close to St. Moritz, into a “Chapel of Remorse”. His most acclaimed artworks are featured in the 5-star Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich alongside more than 10 of his most prominent creations on permanent display.

A common pattern of his work is turning overly familiar images ugly, planting them in a context we’re unaccustomed to, having a stand against the superficial view of life dominated by ab muscles modern, corporatist notion of ‘positive thinking’.

You can find out more about Jani’s artistic career and his first NFT artwork, ‘Things you own’, in this article .

Win Exclusive NFTs and Prizes!

Swappable has kicked off with a major Launch Competition , where users can participate for the chance to win exclusive NFTs and prizes.

You can enter by joining the Swappable community channels. So enjoy the process, catch the community vibe, geek out talking NFTs, and connect to world class artists. The Swappable community is all about to become your brand-new home on the internet.

Exciting Things Ahead!

Swappable users will be able to easily create, sell, buy and trade NFTs with no prior experience required. The user interface has been watchfully designed enabling one to create and trade NFTs in just a couple of clicks!

Swappable has a feature-rich interface including a strong search function, filtering options to drill down and explore unique NFT collections, and a simple visual representation of trading activity. The loaded roadmap includes additional functionality such as P2P and OTC trading of NFTs and ERC20 tokens.

Don’t miss your chance to bid on Swappable’s opening NFT drop by Jani Leinonen!

There are lots of more electrifying NFT drops lined up from globally recognized artists to international music superstars. As we roll out Swappable and its own functionality, you can expect many interesting collaborations to be revealed soon.

Swappable is just a game-changer to the planet of NFTs, so stay tuned with the upcoming launch updates by following the official Swappable Twitter channel!


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