Trusted Node Announces Nov. 9th FlashLaunch on TrustSwap

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Reliable Node , the multi-blockchain validator governance network, has introduced their collaboration along with TrustSwap to aid in the FlashLaunch of the $TNODE token providing on November 9th, 2021 at apr: 00 PM UTC.

Regarding Trusted Node

Reliable Node is creating a validator network for proof-of-stake and next-generation blockchains. It allows for expert stewardship of the system while providing produces to stakeholders whom participate in the decision-making around nodes within the network infrastructure.

Open Entry to PoS Network Rewards

Within PoS networks, validator nodes are essential to the wellness of a network. Nevertheless , each network provides different requirements to get hardware, technical information, and capital investment decision that are locked to the node. The forward investment in actual physical hardware and carried on maintenance is pricey. That means the benefits that come with operating the validator node are not accessible to most individuals in the DeFi plus crypto community.

Many nodes are built by providers who provide approval as a professional company or infrastructural solutions for the chain, most of the time for high profits. Other nodes are usually run by earlier backers who committed to the team that will created the process. The rewards might end up being concentrated in some silos in the network.

Reliable Node opens entry to these rewards for everybody. They accomplish this simply by running tokenized validator nodes on the most significant emerging blockchains to ensure that end users don’t have to maintain of the logistics plus technical details of working a validator. Reliable Node is an effortless way to participate in PoS staking while producing these major systems more secure.

Turning Idle Bridal party into Yield-Generating Possessions

Automatic staking protocols assign coins put forward simply by Trusted Node customers to the validator nodes of their choice and after that distribute the blockchains’ native tokens returning to them as rewards.

Trusted Node’s Staking Portal gets rid of the technical difficulty of interacting with proof-of-stake mechanisms by introducing an user-friendly user interface and a frictionless encounter. By delegating your own tokens and getting part of the process of validating transactions, you are adding to the progress of such next-generation networks by causing them more secure.

Trusted Client Staking Portal Is Live

The particular Staking Portal was released upon October 15. By today, supported blockchains consist of Terra, Cosmos, Sentinel, Regen, Atom, Perseverance, and Iris. A number of other prominent blockchains take the roadmap for even more integration.

Liquid Staking plus “Yield Stacking”

Providing liquidity to proof-of-stake tasks often involves securing assets into the process for lengthy durations. While this does create yield, assets can not be freed to create increased returns if brand new opportunities arise which usually limits options.

Liquid staking provides flexibility to that set up allowing mobilization associated with staked assets. This really is accomplished by tokenizing the stakes to create collateral which can after that be diverted in order to Automated Market Producing (AMM) liquidity private pools like those upon Uniswap and SushiSwap or other endeavors for new yield-generating methods.

Whenever users help protected networks through Reliable Node, they can furthermore access liquidity private pools and earn extra yield while their own base capital continues to be safe and secure. This entry to liquidity pools is known as “Yield Stacking” and it is a bonus on top of the particular reward for assisting secure a blockchain.

Symbol Utilities


The particular TNODE Token is really a bridge between reliable validator nodes as well as the DeFi world. Every TNODE token is definitely an access right to participate the global network of nodes.


By staking TNODE, token cases are entitled to validator staking rewards in indigenous tokens from PoS blockchains. There will be extra vaults for people in order to stake tokens plus earn rewards in TNODE.

Bonus deals

Customers holding $TNODE bridal party can boost their own validator staking benefits by locking upward $TNODE tokens inside a vault for an established amount of time to receive the proportionate share from the daily rewards invested in the vault.

DAO Governance

$TNODE bestows the suitable to participate in the particular governance for the Reliable Node decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Slots of the TNODE expression will have the ability to distribute proposals and election on aspects of T-Node’s governance. Users may vote to start new validator nodes for networks they will believe in as well as sources allocation decisions for that proof-of-stake networks. $TNODE will also provide voting rights to streamline governance of these PoS systems within the Trusted Client platform.


Trusted Node includes five segments doing work in tandem within the Staking Portal:

  1. Vaults : Users can provide liquidity to Trusted Node’s Vaults in order to earn a talk about of transaction charges or $TNODE bridal party as incentives.
  2. Water Staking: A way to stake indigenous assets and receive PoS yields whilst maintaining liquidity. These types of PoS rewards could be claimed as indigenous, liquid, or $TNODE tokens.
  3. Bridges: These will allow users to move through chain to string and achieve interoperability, all presented with an easy user experience. A lot more broadly, this is important just for mass adoption associated with Trusted Node’s system as we include validator nodes on a lot more networks as part of the ecosystem.
  4. Multichain Governance: $TNODE holders can election on matters associated with the Trusted Client DAO. That voting power goes even more because it can tutorial the votes associated with individual validators because they shape the path of their respective blockchains.
  5. DAO Escrow: Users may lock $TNODE bridal party in exchange for a produce multiplier in the Liquidity Vaults, daily process fee payouts, reduced fees in the Staking Portal, and voting power in the Multichain Governance Portal.

Uncover the earning possible of your assets. Force them to work through Reliable Node for enhanced liquidity, compounded profits, and to be part of the particular platform’s DAO!

Trusted Node Team

The particular Trusted Node group has an aggregate associated with 30+ years of encounter in crypto market leading product administration, development, and advertising with leading businesses, including bitcoin. possuindo, crypto. com, Home, Horizon, AAX, and Amadeus.

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FlashLaunch Details


Participation plus Allocation

For complete information and instructions upon participation in the Reliable Node FlashLaunch, much more our blog post here .


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