TrustSwap 1 Year Decentraland Celebration Recap + Lottery winners

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Last Friday, 9th associated with July 2021, TrustSwap celebrated its very first anniversary by starting a virtual head office in Decentraland. 12 months after inception, there was plenty of reasons to enjoy, from starting the business with a single smart contract enabling affordable trustless escrow, to a making a complete eco-system that will secures more than one billion dollars worth associated with value in our SmartLocks contracts. TrustSwap grew to become a trusted name in the wonderful world of DeFi, helping associated with crypto space more secure and more accessible for many. TrustSwap is nicely on its way to being a Top 50 DeFi project by the end of 2021.

Our own virtual headquarters is situated in Crypto Valley, Decentraland , next to this kind of blockchain titans since Polygon and CoinGecko. The neighborhood looks spectacular with many other wonderful buildings and a sculpture of a big whale, which pleased a lot of us who consider whales to be their soul animals. The TrustSwap building features a massive video panel, a good NFT gallery, plus standees for each in our launchpad sponsors.

Our visitors arrived in all forms and hues — we noticed some fantastic-looking prototypes and had no idea that skeletons along with huge trumpets on the heads can seem that awesome. The particular crypto community is definitely a creative bunch. In the event you missed the visible feat, KevinOnEarth live-streaming the big event on Twitch.

The glimpse of our HQ in Decentraland

The big event participants got plenty of goodies including POAP badges for the initial 1, 000 claimers. All visitors can grab one of the five, 000 TrustSwap hats and the TrustSwap hooded sweatshirts airdropped (post-event) towards the Top 500 EXCHANGE stakers. There are also totally free airdrop lottery seat tickets from TrustSwap plus our launchpad coordinator companies: Verso Financing , Tokenplace , Sekuritance , LedgerScore , and YIELD App .

This was our TOP DOG Jeff Kirdeikis’ initial appearance with his brand-new hairstyle and we believe he looked dashing. He opened the big event with a 15-minutes conversation talking about TrustSwap’s improvement over the past twelve months approximately what the future holds.

Soon after, Ivan Anastassov, our COO in addition to Ivan Reif, the CTO, took the ground talking about our forthcoming launchpad and next deliverables on our product map. You wouldn’t become surprised to learn that individuals will keep delivering highly on our product roadmap — more use cases for EXCHANGE, integrations with more stores, more features.

If you skipped the event or just wish to listen again, right here it is:


TrustSwap Team

In the building you most likely saw them travelling in the hoodies: The particular TrustSwap team! Ideally you got a chance to fulfill and have a conversation. Did you know who was which?
We are pleased for each and everybody of our team members. These are the brains and the brawn behind TrustSwap! All of us couldn’t be more happy with this amazing team and exactly what they have pulled collectively in the past 12 months. Caps off to them, plus yes, …there had been no shortage of hats.


The good amount of 963 visitors claimed the genesis POAP presence badge during the occasion. And don’t be concerned, if you got a mistake message, you still obtained your POAP airdropped.

In order to visualize your POAP NFT badge:

  1. Visit //
  2. Insert your Metamask public address a person used to join Decentraland or connect the particular corresponding wallet.

Take note: POAPs are on the particular xDAI chain you could easily migrate these to the Ethereum blockchain. To do that simply click the particular Migrate POAP switch, connect your Metamask wallet, sign the particular contract and pay out the requisite fuel fee to perform the particular transaction.

POAP Attendance NFT Badge

Anniversary Lottery

The very best 2000 SWAP stakers (snapshot taken upon July 11th, twelve: 00 UTC), as well as the 963 POAP slots all got the lottery ticket plus became eligible for successful one of the following 12 prizes:

We all used the Transparent Lottery System to specify the 12 those who win the same way the particular lotteries for FlashLaunches are done.

Winners associated with $1000 each within SWAP tokens:

Champion 1:
Ticket Quantity: 141
ETH Address ending: 11870f

Champion 2:
Ticket Amount: 1329
ETH address ending: 6eaab

Participants Hash: 4617D1DF78D20BA8BA7CBCAACF54ABED14B83FC36201DBF740DA13E66C70992DCFD7778338AF110372D20230955E8FCEA87989EBD0FC1F920087FB91B7941DB3

Ethereum Block Nr.: 12811441
at current period with Hash: 0XB45816C725D0A8507F142F3D0296F6901A8556060A2B1B8A7B9D063D97A0B1FE

Winners of $250 each from one from the sponsor Launchpad bridal party:

Ticket Number: 1064
ETH deal with ending in: 910b7

Ticket Quantity: 104
ETH address ending within: c3917

Solution Number: 26
ETH address finishing in: 2bba8

Ticket Number: 1969
ETH deal with ending in: a7bd4

Ticket Amount: 2447
ETH address ending within: 57c9a

Solution Number: 1706
ETH address finishing in: ab09e

Ticket Number: 237
ETH tackle ending in: 89ca8

Ticket Amount: 1962
ETH address ending within: 2710b

Solution Number: 509
ETH address closing in: 59cf7

Ticket Number: 518
ETH tackle ending in: 104b1

Participants Hash: 4617D1DF78D20BA8BA7CBCAACF54ABED14B83FC36201DBF740DA13E66C70992DCFD7778338AF110372D20230955E8FCEA87989EBD0FC1F920087FB91B7941DB3

Ethereum Block Nr.: 12811456
on current time along with hash: 0XCB92E90C42D4495B714060F773C00E63AEF191CD486B7603AA70290603D12449

Congratulations in order to the winners!

An after-party giveaway by DCTDAO

The launchpad partners had been pretty generous using their token gifts, yet there is one that did not want to be left out possibly. DCTDAO , the quantum-resistant cross-chain DEX is preparing an unique giveaway for the wedding anniversary event participants. The actual details will be introduced in the next few days therefore make sure you stay tuned.

We had an excellent first year plus hope we can delightful you and our upcoming community again upon 9th of This summer, 2022! We have constructed a solid foundation and so are excited to see the actual future brings…


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