TrustSwap Celebrates in Decentraland!

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It’s time to celebrate TrustSwap’s first anniversary! Before we announce the big event, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved in the past year. In just one year, TrustSwap has come a long way.

In The Beginning, There Was SmartSwap…

Smartswap TrustSwap SWAP TOKEN Swappable Crypto App Mint Decentraland NFT
The post that started it all

TrustSwap began as a simple idea: create an easy way for two strangers anywhere to exchange digital assets in a trustless way without paying escrow fees to a middleman. SmartSwap was the first easy-to-use smart contract to accomplish this. Rather than make a simple website and keep the fees, Jeff and the team wanted to explore a more decentralized business model and create a community-focused project that could continue to expand and build foundational DeFi infrastructure.

The core mission became making cryptocurrency safer and easier to use and supporting global adoption of blockchain technology.

SWAP token was created to bring people together who want to support this goal and has become the core of our community. The SWAP token was launched on July 9th, 2020 in an IDO that sold out in under one minute.

Building Strong Foundations

In the months after TrustSwap launched, we expanded our smart contract tool kit to include SmartSwaps, SmartLocks, Mint, Farming Pools, Vesting Portals, blockchain-based messaging, and more.

Launching a Launchpad

In September 2020 we introduced staking on and the TrustSwap Launchpad came soon after, the first one of its type that offered guaranteed allocations for eligible stakers and a comfortable 12–24 hr application window with no need for gas wars.

TrustSwap has now launched two dozen projects on our Launchpad that have collectively raised more than $25M.

Trustless Token Locks

In December 2020 we acquired Team Finance, our largest competitor at the time, and re-launched it as SmartLocks. Today our SmartLocks smart contracts secure over $1.5 Billion in Total Value Locked (TLV)SmartLocks is now multichain with support for ERC20, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche tokens.

Integrating & Incubating

In March 2021 TrustSwap expanded Launchpad services, including FlashLaunches and the SmartLaunch toolkit, to the Avalanche Network. This move allowed everyone to easily generate, lock, and distribute new tokens on Avalanche with secure, fully audited smart contracts. Verso Finance, the first launchpad on Avalanche, came just a month later.

In April 2021 we launched the TrustSwap Incubator Program. We find the most promising ideas and teams out there and offer support with marketing, project management, and business development to get them off the ground. The incubator has already launched several outstanding projects such as DCTDAO and Verso Finance.

Also in April 2021, we became a partner and supporter of the Eden Reforestation Project. The TrustSwap leadership is very concerned about deforestation and sustainability so we decided to be part of the solution and aim to help Eden plant 1 million trees by 2022. TrustSwap will continue to support Eden and similar initiatives that aim to help people and do good in the world.


In June 2021 we announced Mint, a one-of-a-kind token generator. Mint allows anyone to create a new token with no coding required. Before Mint, you would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars for smart contract development and code audits. Mint is now available for free on ERC20 and Binance Smart Chain with an awesome set of customization features such as inflation/deflation, burn, rebase, and more.

The Crypto App

In June 2021 TrustSwap announced the acquisition of The Crypto App, one of the most downloaded crypto portfolio management apps on the market. The Crypto App has many useful features such as price alerts, news module, portfolio tracker, and home screen widgets. With The Crypto App, a whole new universe of opportunities will open for our launchpad projects and SWAP stakers.

Swappable (coming soon!)

July 2021 is our anniversary month when we will complete the last set of preparations before we launch Swappable, our very own marketplace for NFTs. Swappable will be one of the first NFT marketplaces that pay fees back to the community and one which offers among the lowest fees for buying and selling NFTs.

Year 1 Summary

In less than one year, TrustSwap has:

  • Over Forty TrustSwap employees
  • Two mega acquisitions (Team Finance and The Crypto App)
  • Over 25M raised for our launchpad projects
  • $1B+ liquidity locked with Team Finance
  • Over 4,500 projects using our smart contracts
  • Team and Liquidity Token Lock Multichain integration (Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain)
  • Free, easy token generator for ERC-20 and BSC
  • NFT marketplace upcoming

This calls for a celebration!

The Big Reveal – Grand Opening in Decentraland

On July the 9th at 15:00 UTC, TrustSwap will celebrate its first anniversary in style with the Grand Opening of the TrustSwap HQ in Decentraland! To mark the occasion of our first anniversary and a year of fantastic work, we are opening the official TrustSwap virtual headquarters in Decentraland. We would love for our community to come and share the celebration with us!

Decentraland is a virtual blockchain-based ‘metaverse’ (powered by the MANA token) where you can explore, play, meet up with friends, and participate in fun activities and events.

The TrustSwap virtual headquarters is located in Crypto Valley next to some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency space such as Binance, Polygon, and CoinGecko.

Smartswap TrustSwap SWAP TOKEN Swappable Crypto App Mint Decentraland NFT
Join the party and claim your Proof-Of-Attendance NFT!

Event participants will be able to claim a POAP (proof-of-attendance protocol) NFT badge and a free TrustSwap Cap NFT which is wearable by your avatar in Decentraland! We will also have wearable NFT Hoodies available for our top stakers.

Smartswap TrustSwap SWAP TOKEN Swappable Crypto App Mint Decentraland NFT
Free Wearable NFTs for the community!

To say thank you to our community, there will also be token giveaways from not only TrustSwap but also our amazing launchpad projects including LedgerScoreYield.AppSekuritanceVersoTokenPlace, and DCTDAO! These token gifts will range between $500 and $1000 per winner. There will be something for everyone.

In Decentraland, TrustSwap will be able to interact with other startups for additional partnerships and joint events. We will be able to tap into a new community which will be helpful for general market awareness and continued growth. Having a “physical” presence in a virtual metaverse where people can interact with each other can help grow our community for the coming years and provide a space for events and promotions.

TrustSwap Anniversary Event Schedule

July 9th, 2021

15:00 (UTC) — Official opening by Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap

15:15 (UTC) — Message by Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap

15:22 (UTC) — Message by Ivan Reif, CTO of TrustSwap

15:30 (UTC) — Virtual space walkthrough, claim your TrustSwap goodies (TrustSwap cap, POAP badge) and launchpad token giveaways.

15:45 (UTC) — A rooftop dance party. Show off your moves!

16:45 (UTC) — Claim your TrustSwap hoodie if you are among the Top 500 SWAP stakers

RSVP to the TrustSwap Party!

Smartswap TrustSwap SWAP TOKEN Swappable Crypto App Mint Decentraland NFTClick Here to RSVP

Please click here to RSVP for the event. Exact coordinates will follow. Keep an eye out on our Twitter as more details will be provided about the giveaways and Wearables claim process. Our virtual headquarters in Decentraland is getting final touches now in preparation for the Grand Opening.

The TrustSwap team is looking forward to meeting you there!



About TrustSwap (SWAP)

TrustSwap is a multichain, full-service digital asset ecosystem that offers: P2P/OTC Escrow, Time-release payments, Launchpads, Incubator programs, NFT marketplace, Team token & Liquidity Locks and automated distribution protocol solutions. Their purpose is to build tools and applications that ensure the security of crypto for everyday hodlers and large venture capitalists alike. For more information, visit

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