TrustSwap Integrates DigitalBits into DeFi

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With the addition of DigitalBits to its toolkit of decentralized services, TrustSwap has now expanded the scope of its decentralized services.

Focus on TrustSwap Launchpad Service and Incubator Program

The integration focuses among others on TrustSwap’s launchpad services that have already facilitated the launch of numerous crypto projects, and will soon be available to projects looking to leverage the DigitalBits Network. TrustSwap will work on integrating its toolset onto the DigitalBits chain after the DigitalBits mainnet token swap event. On the DigitalBits Network, projects will be able to create, lock, and distribute tokens using secure, fully audited smart contracts.

“I am very pleased to add DigitalBits to the growing list of protocols supported by TrustSwap,” said Jeff Kirdeikis, TrustSwap CEO. “Consumer assets are a category that has persisted for millennia, and the tokenization of these assets has the potential to unlock enormous amounts of value. Through TrustSwap’s launchpad services, we can help streamline the launch process for projects developing within this sector, accelerating the rate at which great ideas are brought to fruition.”

DigitalBits will also participate in the TrustSwap Incubator Program as part of the integration process. This will allow further development of the network including facilitating connections with exchanges, cross-chain DEXs, fiat on-ramps and KYC partners. Additionally, TrustSwap will work closely with the DigitalBits Foundation to connect the DigitalBits Blockchain with The Crypto App, enabling token balance checks.

TrustSwap’s Exponential Growth

  • Top 100 DeFi project according to CoinGecko with 45M+ USD market cap
  • SWAP Token has 1M+ USD in trading volume
  • 50M+ USD worth of SWAP Tokens are staked from 11,000+ unique addresses
  • 1.5B+ USD is locked on the SmartLocks platform by 6000+ unique projects
  • 55k+ followers on Twitter & 12k+ on Telegram

TrustSwap’s Support for Projects Building on the DigitalBits Infrastructure

TrustSwap is excited to become an integral part of the DigitalBits ecosystem and contribute further to the expansion of its infrastructure.

Newly launched projects provide the opportunity for the digital assets ecosystem to flourish and become an integral use case among a spectrum of industries. Bridging key blockchain-based services with new protocols such as DigitalBits, yields enormous potential to revolutionize the way digital assets operate. We expect that by adopting services like the TrustSwap Launchpad, projects can streamline the launch process so that the internal teams behind can focus on their operational requirements.

“TrustSwap has established themselves as one of the leading launchpad solutions in the blockchain industry,” said Michael Gord, DigitalBits Foundation Managing Director. “They have been integral in the launch of several projects already, and now the builders within the DigitalBits ecosystem will have readily available access to the tools necessary to make their visions a reality.”

For more information on TrustSwap and its community, please visit our Discord and Telegram along with the official TrustSwap Announcement  Channel.

About DigitalBits

The DigitalBits blockchain allows projects to easily launch their own digital asset on-chain. Branded digital assets can take the form of a digital currency, stable coin or a non-fungible token (NFT). Branded digital assets such as loyalty points and rewards are designed to support heightened levels of consumer engagement and market intelligence, as well as create daily value.

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