Why TrustSwap Is Growing, Profitable, And Hiring Despite A Bear Market And Crypto Winter Fears

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Building a building. True professional construction men know that it takes time, sweat, energy, effort, and a WHOLE LOT of planning, testing, and going back to the drawing table a few times to create a masterpiece.

Imagine, if you will, erecting a New York Skyscraper in the middle of the big green park in … hmm let’s say … 2 days. What! Never! Of course not.

But hey, for the sake of everyone’s curiosity of why I’m mentioning a skyscraper in a park, let’s apply this ridiculous example to Crypto project platforms. I would rather live in an apartment on the 50th floor if I knew they took their time and expertise to create a VERY deep and solid foundation beneath a great-looking structure.

They chose excellence and quality over doing a rush job that might not even withstand a tropical breeze. They took their time to produce a safe, fantastic building. Much safer, would you not agree?

And looking at their planning, goals, and execution … this is exactly what TrustSwap has done. They built their platform to withstand Crypto winters and earthquakes. Clever lads!

A Bear Market In A Crypto Winter?

In the larger Cryptocurrency ecosystem, it can be argued that we are currently experiencing a bear market and a crypto winter at the same time.

What Is a Crypto Winter?

Crypto winter is what is called the bear market in the crypto space, according to Piers Ridyard, the Switzerland-based CEO of RDX Works. He goes on to define it – “A bear market is when the market is going down, and a crypto winter is when it goes sideways, and doesn’t really do anything.”

During periods like this, a lot of Crypto companies are tested and you occasionally will see layoffs and in some extreme cases, company bankruptcies and liquidations.

Why TrustSwap is different

While we acknowledge the period of difficulty in the markets, we actually see this as a period of great opportunity. You see, during a bull market, we are heads down, pedal to the metal creating value for our customers, and executing.

A Crypto winter is actually a great time to take a step back, review your strategy and roadmap then build in anticipation of the future.

Ivan Anastassov, COO TrustSwap

I spoke to Ivan Anastassov, the Chief Operating Officer at TrustSwap.

Here’s his take on the situation:

“Over the past few months, it became clear to everyone that there was some level of uncertainty coming to the Crypto markets. In light of the wider financial instability we see in the US and global markets, it’s not really surprising that the Crypto ecosystem is going through a correction.

Depending on how long this lasts, it might actually be a good thing for the whole ecosystem. Economic uncertainty is testing certain financial models (Celsius) and based on the results, it will provide a clear roadmap for other DeFi companies like TrustSwap to navigate.

Also, there is less speculation in the market which is a good thing. We will see which projects have a userbase beyond speculation and trading as well as which companies have a healthy business model that is not dependent on token sales. There will be consolidation in the market similar to what happened after the last bear market.

Fortunately, at TrustSwap we have always been conservative with our growth and spending and anticipate weathering the storm. We believe in the resiliency of the wider Cryptocurrency ecosystem, continue to create value for our customers, and are looking forward to getting past this period of turbulence.

Unlike other companies in the space, TrustSwap is still profitable, hired 5% more employees in the last 30 days, and continues to hire.”

I wanted to give you all some insight into what’s going on at TrustSwap right now and a little preview of all the great things that are coming really soon.

The Financials Show … TrustSwap Is Still Profitable And Growing!

TrustSwap Financials

This one is really simple.

We are a PROFITABLE, privately held company with no investors and over 65 employees. While the rest of our competitors are struggling and slowing down, we have the luxury of being able to hire at this time while we continue to build and strategize.

Once again, we are profitable.

This is a testament to the conservative way we run our business and our deep knowledge and understanding of the volatility that comes with Crypto markets.

We have a world-class team of Cryptocurrency experts and engineers who work on our products and love our culture. We are extremely proud of the company we have built.

Let’s talk about what’s going on across our verticals.

Team Finance Has The Tools Every Crypto Projects Need

Team Finance by TrustSwap

Team Finance is hands down the most essential set of Crypto tools that every Crypto project needs to operate credibly in the space. Our product enables users to create tokens, lock tokens and liquidity, offer vesting as a service, and much more.

Just as important, Team Finance allows Crypto projects to provide these services TRANSPARENTLY to the world, offering their investors and communities full confidence that the projects are being run securely.

Our product is bulletproof and time-tested and has held Billions of dollars in value locked.

We are continuing to refine this product and have exciting developments coming in the areas of NFTs, security scoring, and staking. Stay tuned for more.

Once again, this is a product that is a necessity for any project in the Crypto space.

Launchpads Is Where Sustainable Projects Are Incubated

TrustSwap Launchpad

A Crypto winter tends to provide clarity about which projects will actually add long-term value to the ecosystem and which projects are quick hits with little value.

At TrustSwap, we are extremely selective with the projects we decide to work with.

We don’t consider launchpads to be casinos for gamblers. Rather, we consider launchpads to be an innovative way to generate funding for Crypto projects with long-term value that will provide value to the ecosystem.

To that end, we have quite a few solid and substantial projects we are incubating and you will be hearing about them very soon (within a week or two).

We continue to believe in the power of Launchpads and this period has been a great time to refine our internal processes and spend time incubating some very promising clients.

The Crypto App Trusted By Millions

theCrypto.app by TrustSwap

Our Crypto App continues to be a leader in the mobile app space for products related to Cryptocurrency. With around 4.5 Million downloads and a robust monthly user base, we have put a tremendous amount of work into improving and refining the product.

We have done a comprehensive refresh of the logo, UX/UI, website, advertising partners, and more.

We are also bringing a more comprehensive set of trading features to the product with a partner we will announce in the future.

We couldn’t be more excited about the product.

Our focus groups continue to indicate a tremendous amount of user satisfaction with the Crypto App and with the features we are adding to the app, we expect that will only increase.

Swappable Creates Significant B2B NFT Project Possibilities

Swappable by TrustSwap

Swappable is our B2B NFT platform. We are now able to consult with medium to large brands, strategize about their NFT projects, put a roadmap together and execute the projects with them.

We have also become platform agnostic. Shortly, we will be able to support brands on custom platforms, Shopify, and even Salesforce’s NFT Cloud at the end of the year.

At TrustSwap, we have seen NFT projects and proposals of all shapes and sizes. From standard NFT image collections to NFTs used for their utility as tickets, coupons, membership cards, and more.

Our ability to provide deep consulting experience about NFTs differentiates us from our competitors.

In addition, having our own Launchpad enables us to provide horizontal platform integration and do dual NFT and Project launches simultaneously, something our competitors can’t do.

Keep an eye on Swappable this fall.

Big things are coming.

And In Closing … Happy 2nd Birthday To Us!

Our company turned two years old this July. We plan to be here for the long haul.

At TrustSwap, we are laser-focused on adding value to our customers and the Crypto community at large. We will continue to deliver on our mission to provide a comprehensive, world-class set of DeFi tools and services to our customers.

Stay tuned to our channels for more information about our progress.

Stay safe.

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