Earn Passive Income with Solana Based P2E Crypto Game Wizardia’s Gameplay | $WZRD Token $ Arena Genesis NFT on TrustSwap 2022

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Using the Solana blockchain and NFT technology, Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) fantasy role-playing game in which players assume the role of Wizards. The gameplay involves arena based both PvP and PvE battle modes. Wizardia is known for creating AAA games, such as Call of Duty Black Ops, Cold War, Titanfall 2, and Need for Speed 2015. Wizardia and TrustSwap have partnered to launch the Wizardia native non-fungible token ($WZRD) and a more complex game engine.

How Wizardia’s Arena Genesis NFTs will Generate Income Before and After Arena Launch

During initial game development and as the game grows in adoption, these NFTs are designed to generate staking rewards and ongoing royalties. There are a total of 28,000 Arena Genesis NFTs available, with three public sale rounds remaining. With each round, the prices increase and reward tiers begin to decline.

The owners of the Arena Genesis NFT will continue to receive royalties from all battle arena transactions following the arena’s launch.

TrustSwap Community Members- Benefits and Eligibility for Discount

In appreciation of the TrustSwap community’s enthusiasm and support, Wizardia would like to offer a discount of 20% on Wizardia Arena Genesis NFTs after its successful FlashLaunch of the $WZRD token.

This exclusive discount is available to the following VIP members of the TrustSwap community:

  • The Top 1000 SWAP stakers across all supported blockchains
  • Anyone holding a TrustSwap Golden Ticket NFT from a previous FlashLaunch
  • Wizardia FlashLaunch participants (even if they didn’t win the drawing)

These NFTs are automatically staked during the initial game development phase and will become unlocked and tradable once the Wizardia Battle Arena goes live.


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