TrustSwap ($SWAP) Introduces Barter Contracts For Decentralization Via Ethereum & Polygon 2022 | Swappable Copies Olympus DAO’s Crypto Buyback Model

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As a result of TrustSwap’s growth, the company has been able to buy back a significant amount of $SWAP tokens. We hope to decentralize ownership of the $SWAP token while simultaneously enhancing the token economy in a positive way. That’s why we’re launching Barter Contracts!

The $SWAP token’s barter contracts are intended to achieve wide decentralization and provide greater benefits to $SWAP stakeholder. Users can purchase $SWAP at a discount with barter contracts. The larger the discount, the longer the user has to wait before buying $SWAP.

Participants completing KYC requirements from approved jurisdictions can purchase tokens at a discount if they hold them for a brief period. Barter Contracts have been available on our dashboard since February 18th, 2022. USDT can be purchased via the Ethereum network as well as the Polygon network.

Barter contracts require KYC. Users who participated in previous TrustSwap Launchpads may already be whitelisted for KYC. Barter Contracts are not available in the USA and Canada. Launchpads are still available to Canada.

Average hold period Vs discount table

Users purchase Barter Contracts in USDT on Day 1. On the day the hold period ends users can claim their $SWAP from the dashboard.

Hold Period 14 Days 30 Days 60 Days 120 Days
Discount 4% 6% 8% 10%
Barter Contracts Timetable

Continually monitoring user engagement, we may adjust discount rates and hold periods for the community. If, for instance, the 14-day period is the most popular among users, we will lower the discount for that tier.

A step-by-step walkthrough of the process from the user’s perspective:

1) The user selects one of the hold options.

2) User sends USDT into the particular contract.

3) On the user’s dashboard, a countdown timer appears based on the duration of the contract.

4) The user can claim his $SWAP at the end of the timer.

$SWAP buyback help decentralize the token for the community

The flow of funds a user spends to buy Barter Contracts follows a specific flow to decentralize the $SWAP token, therefore facilitating additional benefits for stakers and holders.

  • The Barter Contract payment remains in SWAP treasury to the tune of 33%. The company uses these funds for its business development activities, including acquisitions, marketing, and more.
  • Sixty-six percent of the Barter Contract payment is used to buy back $SWAP tokens. Due to our purchase of SWAP, we create a positive impact on the token’s price.

Among the 66% of SWAP that was bought back:

  • 33% of the total we put back into the long-term staking pool, where users can earn staking rewards.
  • 33% of the total goes back into the Barter Contract. Ultimately, users will purchase these funds as $SWAP, and then we will buy back SWAP (2/3) and allocate for business development activities (1/3)! This creates a sustainable flywheel effect for the community by following this recurring process.

Through The Crypto App or Team.Finance services, we buy back $SWAP for the community to serve our aim of decentralizing the token to the community without creating sell pressure.

Barter Contracts create higher buy pressure & better staking rewards

Other projects tend to sell their company tokens, which puts pressure on the market and lowers their token price. By creating these Barter Contracts, the $SWAP that is distributed to the community through purchases in USDT, places significant buying pressure on the SWAP token and increases staking rewards dramatically.

Once the purchasers of a Barter Contract have their tokens unlocked, we expect that these tokens will be staked to earn rewards due to the high stake rewards. The model is similar to Olympus Dao.

The barter contracts are set to continue indefinitely, as a percentage of $SWAP buybacks from Team Finance, The Crypto App, Swappable + more continue to roll in, they will be added to the barter pool.

$SWAP Tokenomics for Swappable, Team Finance & The Crypto App

Here’s a quick refresher on tokenomics:

– Swappable: 20% of all trading fees go to token burns, 80% go to staking rewards

– Team Finance: 100% of revenue goes to buybacks, 80% to TS, and 20% to stake rewards

– The Crypto App: 100% of revenues go to buybacks, 80% to token sales, and 20% to staking rewards

With 80% coming from both Team Finance and The Crypto App revenue, these barter contracts can continue indefinitely with compounding positive momentum.


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