FlashLaunch Alert — 21 Jani Leinonen NFTs offered exclusively to SWAP stakers

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FlashLaunch Alert — 20 Jani Leinonen NFTs provided exclusively to SWAP stakers

We now have fantastic news with regard to SWAP stakers.

Jani Leinonen, ‘the artist who decapitated Ronald McDonald’ is definitely announcing a second NFT drop, part of the Swappable launch series.

Recently we released Swappable , a good interface for buying, promoting, and trading NFTs. The historical occasion was marked with Jani Leinonen , the world-renowned Finnish visual artist great his first NFT drop exclusively to get Swappable.

The NFT item titled ‘ Things You Personal ’ is definitely an animated artwork made of logos of contemporary businesses — depicting Jani’s unique method of culture jamming plus anti-consumerism. The public sale was open for 3 days, and the item sold for 6. 9 ETH.

Skipped the fun or even felt priced out?

SWAP stakers now have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to collect certainly one of Jani Leinonen’s twenty-one NFTs of the ‘Things You Own’ art work. These NFTs will be on swappable. io as a FlashLaunch.

FlashLaunch is really a lottery-based system exactly where SWAP stakers may win a reward which is usually an additional allocation in one of our own launchpads — or in this case, certainly one of Jani Leinonen’s twenty one Swappable-exclusive NFTs, along with 20 being offered with the FlashLaunch.

Here is how it works:

  • EXCHANGE stakers will have twenty-four hours to publish a pledge, a good intent to purchase one from the twenty-one NFTs.
  • Selected lottery winners will then end up being invited to place their particular bid on swappable. io (with the same budget address they utilized to participate in the lottery).

The accepted bet price for one of those exclusive NFTs is definitely 0. 2 ETH and only the lottery winners’ bids is going to be accepted. This associated with 0. 2 ETH is way less than the 6. nine ETH Jani’s one of 1 opening NFT sold for, and much lower than his physical artworks which sell for 6 figures.

As the case with prior TrustSwap FlashLaunch lotteries, the greater an user’s SwapScore, the more lottery seat tickets they receive plus higher the chances to get an invite to buy a bid for one associated with Jani’s NFTs.

The twenty-one extra NFTs will signify your last opportunity to own not just a distinctive piece of work by Leinonen but also part of Swappable and TrustSwap’s background as it unfolds.

The FlashLaunch will open on 9am PST upon Monday 13th Sept. Please visit the TrustSwap Dashboard to participate.

Interested users will need to stake a minimum of 4000 SWAP token obtain lottery tickets. Lottery tickets are designated based on the table beneath. The lottery is going to be held at two pm PST upon 14th September. The particular snapshot for the lottery ticket will be on 9 am PST of 13th Sept. Golden Ticket cases at the time of snapshot may receive an additional solution for each ticket they hold.


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