IOEN Announces October 8th FlashLaunch on TrustSwap

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Web Of Energy Network (IOEN), the blockchain-based smart-grid power distribution system, offers announced that they will work together with TrustSwap to aid within the execution of their $IOEN token offering upon Oct 8th , 2021 at nine: 00 AM PST.

IOEN: Starting New Horizons with regard to Crypto and Energy

Internet of one’s Network (IOEN) is certainly on a mission to produce a secure digital facilities for clean, eco friendly energy, powered simply by virtual microgrids. It really is unique in its strategy because it is building out there this network gadget by device within an ‘agent-centric’ architecture constructed on Holochain. IOEN technology enables houses anywhere to operate since intelligent, cooperative electrical power networks where gadgets such as washing machines, ac units, solar panels, and even electrical cars adjust their own behavior to suit nearby grid needs as well as the needs of individuals, depending on economic incentives.

It really is literally the internet for your energy systems associated with the future.

IOEN’s symbol model unlocks the particular capabilities of thoroughly clean energy microgrids internationally, building capacity through the ground up, gadget by device. Thoroughly clean energy microgrids would be the future of energy all over the place. IOEN’s mission would be to create and provide digital infrastructure by means of blockchain and Holochain technology that accelerate this particular transition for everyone.

What is the IOEN Protocol?

The IOEN process enables all the linked devices to act being an interconnected system of digital microgrids that assist in transactions within plus between local power ecosystems: from the equipment level to power generation, storage, plus consumption. IOEN types these virtual microgrids to respond to nearby energy supply and also to drastically cut down power waste, thus getting the next generation associated with digital energy administration and optimization. This really is critical because the current electricity grids cannot cope with the particular influx of new thoroughly clean energy technologies needed to reach the dependable goal of achieving net-zero global co2 emissions by 2030. The protocol can be open-source and will be readily available for all to build on.

What is a virtual microgrid?

A virtual microgrid is formed with the IOEN software coating to include distributed power resources, such as solar panel systems and batteries, but additionally existing appliances such as air conditioners or heating units in people’s houses. When households have been in a virtual micro-grid, they are able to trade power use-value, or even purchase and sell power directly to each other, without relying on central providers.

IOEN’s vision would be to go beyond just peer-to-peer trading. Their alternative also creates the ability to dynamically stability supply and need to ensure that the main grid isn’t overloaded simply by too much or not enough supply at a provided time. This requirement management is caused by intelligent “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices such as sensible plugs, hot water storage containers, and household electric batteries, that are connected with the IOEN network.

IOEN’s partner corporation, RedGrid , is running the software within commercial projects, assisting the aggregation associated with demand management as well as the accounting of activities that happen inside the network.

Built on Holochain

The web of Energy Network is made on two currency layers:

  1. $IOEN itself (pronounced “ion”), which is a good ERC-20 token utilized as a staking resource to unlock brand new minigrid economies
  2. A series of Web of Energy Community (IOEC) credit systems exclusive for each community transacting with energy within each microgrid.

Key Points:

  • IOEN is the first power protocol to be constructed on Holochain
  • The system brings together blockchain with a Holochain mutual credit program so configurable intelligent contracts are built especially for every new microgrid
  • The network of DAOs is formed allowing the combined stream of information and worth across peers both in local and global contexts
  • Aussie company, RedGrid, can be integrating IOEN in to its energy-saving application which is currently being used in homes along with one of Australia’s biggest property developers
  • Proven use cases include SolarBooster plus SolarMine products, enhancing the efficiency associated with solar installations plus enabling up to totally green and rewarding crypto mining, spending users for making use of electricity at the right times.

Token Resources

Discounts : $IOEN tokens are accustomed to pre-purchase energy credit for future grids at an estimated 90% reduction in future price.

Governance : $IOEN bridal party are used by individuals to govern the particular IOEN Protocol, making sure consensus in choices in a decentralized system.

Staking : Customers and sellers may lock their $IOEN tokens into the program and have access to reduced tiers of IOEC (local Holochain shared credit) which can be utilized to pay for energy plus grid services. Staking $IOEN tokens furthermore reduces circulating provide and opens possibilities for earning power ecosystem rewards.

Performance : $IOEN can be bringing transactions that will aim to be quicker, more secure, and more scalable than existing blockchain solutions to the energy system.

Engagement : Anybody can participate in the particular network by staking any amount of $IOEN with rewards accessible to all.

Team Members

IOEN is founded with the team behind RedGrid , with confirmed experience in providing distributed technology designed for energy, property, financial, and microgrid designers.

Find out more

Click on the links below for more information about Internet of one’s Network and the $IOEN token.

FlashLaunch Details


Participation and Percentage

  • Each FlashLaunch may have a set individual share of exactly $250 per person. You will see 470 allocations obtainable in this FlashLaunch which includes 5 reserved to get Golden Ticket holders.
  • Anyone who subscribes during the 24-hour FlashLaunch window will be entitled to an entry to get an allocation provided that they have either 4000+ SWAP actively secured or a SwapScore associated with at least 2500 once the FlashLaunch starts.
  • Applicants may apply to the FlashLaunch during the 24 hours among 9AM PST for the launch day plus 9AM PST these day at // .
  • As soon as all applications are usually registered, a specific quantity of entries will be designated to each participator based on their SwapScore or Staked $SWAP, whichever is increased (see table below). The snapshot for that ticket allocation is going to be taken at nine AM PST upon Oct 8th , 2021. SWAP must be actively staking in those days to be counted as staked.
  • You will have a random sketching for the $500 allocations. The more entries you might have, the higher your possibility of being selected (see table below).
  • Each person can only earn once per FlashLaunch. KYC verification is necessary and jurisdictional limitations apply.

Golden Seat tickets

  • 5 “Golden Ticket” NFTs will be struck by TrustSwap* that will each unlock entry to a guaranteed $250 allocation for this particular FlashLaunch (pending KYC verification).

*Note: Golden Tickets are usually not redeemable for bridal party. They allow the owner to bypass the particular random drawing plus participate in the expression offering.

  • These types of NFT’s will be at first sold at auction simply by TrustSwap. The public sale will run till Oct 7th, 2021 at 9AM PST (24 hrs prior to the FlashLaunch).
  • The top five highest bids during that time will win the particular NFT’s. There is no minimum bid.
  • The particular Golden Ticket NFT’s can be traded plus resold on any kind of NFT marketplace every day and night prior to the FlashLaunch.
  • Whoever keeps the NFT in the “snapshot” time once the launch begins may bypass the arbitrary drawing process and become whitelisted for an portion (pending KYC). The particular snapshot for this is going to be taken at nine am PST upon Oct 8th , 2021.
  • Just one Golden Ticket may be used per individual yet those who win the particular drawing can also utilize a Golden Ticket to obtain an additional $500 allowance for a maximum of $1000 total allocation feasible per individual.
  • 10% from the proceeds from Golden Solution sales will go towards the Eden Reforestation Task , a non-profit focused on planting trees and shrubs and saving lives.

To buy the IOEN Fantastic Ticket NFT, click on here .

To bid on the particular IOEN Golden Solution NFT, click here .

Secure Launch Process

To ensure an easy launch, the IOEN team has agreed to:

  1. Have their domain completely SSL certified 1 week prior to token sale date.
  2. Get their domain protected simply by Cloudflare and share evidence with TrustSwap 1 week prior to the token sale date.
  3. Reveal the vesting routine of all tokens, which includes team, strategic traders, private presale, influencers, etc .
  4. Add no less than $150, 000 of ETH liquidity on Uniswap immediately upon listing.
  5. Distribute bridal party to launchpad individuals within one hour associated with Uniswap listing.
  6. Lock liquidity inside 3 hours associated with listing for at least 60 days.
  7. Provide the timeline designed for token distributions plus distribute tokens inside an one-hour window from the agreed-upon time.
  8. Lock 75% or more of group & dev finance tokens for a the least thirty days within six hours of financing liquidity on Uniswap.
  9. Have a minumum of one community moderator upon each social system (Discord, Telegram, and so forth ) actively offered 24 hours a day for the very first 7 days following the start on Uniswap.

Step-by-Step Information

  1. At any time between Oct 8th 9: 00 AM and Oct 9th 9AM PST (24 hrs), visit // and click the key to apply and fill in the form.
  2. Applicants will be provided a number of entries in to a random drawing in accordance with their staked SWAP/SwapScore (see above graph for details).
  3. Winners from the draw will be approached via TrustSwap’s Dash Messaging System within twenty-four hrs to provide their own KYC documents. After the message arrives, you should have 18 hours to supply your KYC details.
  4. Approved individuals will be contacted once again via TrustSwap’s Dash Messaging System with transaction instructions.
  5. 5 allocations is going to be reserved for Fantastic Ticket Holders
  6. Additional 50 individuals selected in the sketching will be on ‘stand-by’ and will have the very first option to participate when there are any unsold tokens after the preliminary rounds are finish including any empty Golden Tickets.

Who Can Take part?

People with Citizenship and/or Residency status in the United States , China and taiwan , or any UN-sanctioned nations are usually not really permitted participate in the IOEN FlashLaunch.

PLEASE NOTE: Launchpad dates plus details are susceptible to change. This is not a good endorsement, partnership or even an offer for expense by TrustSwap. IOEN is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a client with specific demands as to how they require their launch to use. TrustSwap is a service provider of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Electronic assets carry a higher level of risk. Involvement is performed at your personal risk. Exercise extreme caution and conduct your own personal due diligence.


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