NFT Champions Announces October 21st Token Sale on TrustSwap Launchpad

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Regarding complete details on the particular $CHAMPS token providing, please click here .

SIGMA Studios , a north american video game and software program development company located in Denver, Colorado, is definitely launching a new NFT-based play-to-earn video game known as “ NFT Champions ”. They have declared that they will collaborate along with TrustSwap to aid within the execution of their $CHAMP token offering upon October 21st, 2021 at 9: 00 AM PST.

Welcome To NFT Winners

NFT Champions is a next-generation blockchain game built with Unreal Engine four by a team associated with seasoned game designers who have previously labored on top-tier games for example Halo , Fortnite , plus Wow . NFT Winners is designed to be the 1st play-to-earn NFT-based video gaming that is immersive, gorgeous, and fun to try out! It is an open-world MMORPG with many choices for everyone to play, teach, fight, explore, find out, and connect with close friends in the metaverse.

1 . Play To Earn

Players may earn real money plus unique rewards simply by playing NFT Winners. $CHAMP is the in-game currency connected to the Polygon blockchain network. Polygon is built on Ethereum and enables dealings to process considerably faster at a lower cost with higher reliability.

2 . NFTs

Collect, train, plus battle with NFTs within this blockchain-based MMORPG constructed on Unreal Motor 4. NFT Winners can be purchased with $CHAMP tokens if they haven’t surpassed their great limit. NFTs which have surpassed their great limit will no longer be accessible for purchase. These “Deadstock” NFTs will only be accessible in the marketplace via online traders.

3. Gameplay

You will be able to join forces using a friend at any time plus work together throughout your own journey. It’s your decision. Will you explore the planet with friends, or even fulfill your mission as a lone explorer? Whether you carefully train your creatures or go against the raid boss for the cash prize, the option is yours.

four. Epic Online Battles

Experience the ultimate problem of real NFT Battles! Duke this out with other gamers for cash benefits and NFTs. This particular online world offers endless opportunities for you to create your mark! Fights are turn-based, as well as the order is determined by the particular stats of each person NFT. Counters would be the only way gamers can alter the purchase of the turns. NFTs can use up to 4 attack skills which may be learned organically or even through the help associated with training disks.

5. Massively Multi-player

Fight together with your friends or create new ones! NFT Champions allows supportive gameplay with gamers from all around the planet. As your journey proceeds, you can earn exclusive benefits and NFTs within special limited-time activities!

Incubated by TrustSwap

NFT Winners is the latest conjunction with the TrustSwap Incubator and will enjoy continuing support and assistance from the TrustSwap group to achieve their extensive goals.

Meet The Team

As the Business lead Development Studio, SIGMA Studios will concentrate on implementing fundamental sport mechanics and structures while working with top-tier outsourcing studios upon digital art and design.

$CHAMP Token Offering Details

Please notice our comprehensive article here with all the details on learn how to participate in the forthcoming NFT Champions $CHAMP token sale.


Where Can I Find out more about NFT Champions?

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Who are able to participate in the $CHAMP Token Sale?

Anyone not domiciled in the USA or EL sanctioned countries may participate in the NFT Champions token sale.

*The eligible countries checklist is selected simply by Sigma. If your nation is not listed, this may not mean you might be ineligible for long term TrustSwap Launchpad tasks.

** Launchpad dates are susceptible to change. This is not a good endorsement, partnership or even an offer for purchase by TrustSwap. Sigma is using the TrustSwap Launchpad as a consumer, with specific demands as to how they require their launch to use. TrustSwap is a company of non-custodial, smart-contract-based software services. Electronic assets carry a higher level of risk. Involvement is performed at your personal risk. Exercise extreme care and conduct your own personal due diligence.


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