Legally Tokenized Land Title NFT On TrustSwap Launchpad 2022 | Stake $ECO & $RISE Crypto Tokens On Solana-Based ECORISE DAO

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Crypto launchpads, or crypto incubators, provide early-stage token sales for their investor community while raising money for blockchain-based projects. Based on the BSC Network, TrustSwap is a decentralized launchpad and protocol. In addition to offering next-generation multi-chain swaps and more solutions to existing split payment and subscription issues, the platform operates under its native token, $SWAP. Besides staking, smart locks, and swaps, $SWAP can also wrap any token into an ERC20 token. Founded in mid-2020 in Canada, TrustSwap’s major goals include enabling custom-tailored transactions in crypto and decentralized finance (DeFi).

ECORISE Finance aims to collaborate with local communities worldwide in order to protect, restore, and operate natural ecosystems for long-term sustainability. In essence, ECORISE DAO is a method for collecting large amounts of at-risk land and placing it on a blockchain under decentralized ownership for long-term management and preservation. The $RISE governance token will be available on the TrustSwap Launchpad in support of these goals.

ECORISE DAO and Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)

In the DAO’s Property Title Vault, land title documents will be converted into an NFT after being approved via DAO governance.

The DAO will also be evaluating all land for “Payments for Ecosystem Services” (PES), a system in which those who benefit from environmental features such as landscape restoration, carbon sequestration, watershed protection, and forest conservation would pay market rates to landowners whose properties provide such benefits. Through the RISE governance token, the ECORISE DAO will manage the treasury, earning a PES from sustainably managed locked assets.

ECORISE Finance contains a two-token smart contract ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain. Inflationary concerns associated with fiat currencies may hence be greatly mitigated by a token tied to land value. Essentially, ECORISE Finance has the potential to bridge the gap between small landowners, indigenous communities, and family farms across the globe.

RISE Token- DAO staking, Governance and Seigniorage Explained

$RISE is a deflationary governance token which assists ECO in maintaining its peg via a process known as seigniorage, in which $RISE tokens may always be exchanged for an equivalent dollar value of ECO tokens or vice versa. $RISE is utilized for DAO staking and voting, as well as to obtain access to the sale of various non-fungible token collections.

Partner artists will additionally make NFTs, which will be auctioned off to support the acquisition and evaluation of land in need of protection. Within the protocol, NFT holders may obtain “perks’ like airdrops, Discord roles/channels, partner co-benefits, and various other bonuses. As the ECO stablecoin’s demand grows, $RISE tokens are burnt and will become increasingly rare. This keeps the ECO coin’s price constant while $RISE absorbs market volatility and helps fight back against deflationary behavior.

RISE can also be utilized to support DAO-approved applications for sensitive ecosystem conservation, endangered species preservation, and sustainable development initiatives such as waste reclamation, renewable energy, landfill and brownfield remediation, and regenerative agriculture.

TrustSwap- Crypto Minting, Security and DeFi Solutions for Beginners and Veterans

TrustSwap provides blockchain-related, multi-chain DeFi products and services to both corporate and retail clients. For those who are new to the industry as well as seasoned veterans, it provides low-cost, user-friendly blockchain-based tools, dApps, and services that ensure confidentiality, security, and reliability of cryptocurrencies.

The products and services offered by TrustSwap therefore address issues such as token and liquidity lockup, token minting, escrow, and vesting. Additionally, the team offers solutions for crypto asset distribution, staking, and monitoring, as well as fundraising.

ECORISE Finance (ECO) Blockchain Platform- Land-Based Stablecoin, bringing DAO infrastructure to Land Owners

ECORISE Finance is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to using the true value of natural capital assets, promoting ecological regeneration, sustainability, and the development of an ecosystem around stablecoins. It is one of the most recent initiatives selected for the TrustSwap Incubator and will receive continuing support from the TrustSwap team during its early development.

The project’s biggest accomplishments include the launch of the $RISE token on mainnet, the incubation via TrustSwap, and the development of the stablecoin. In the future, launching the $RISE token and acquiring the first property will take precedence, as well as onboarding external landowners, launching the first regenerative project, building the DAO infrastructure as well as land staking mechanism, launching the ECO token, adding value to $RISE holders, and rewarding the landowners.


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