Partisia Blockchain Utilizes ZK Computation & Layer1 Technology | $MPC Token’s TrustSwap DEX Launch & KYC Guide 2022

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Blockchains lack confidentiality and privacy, which hinders their adoption and usage. Partisia Blockchain, a new blockchain project that aims to solve the Blockchain Trilemma, has announced the release of its $MPC token on the TrustSwap Launchpad. It is a Web 3.0 Public Blockchain designed for speed of light finalization, trust, transparency, and privacy

Partisia Blockchain’s zero knowledge computation for privacy

Partisia Blockchain focuses on addressing the problems associated with blockchain technology. Among these problems is the lack of confidentiality and privacy. While others have attempted to address the privacy issue on blockchains, Partisia Blockchain provides a unique solution. With Partisia Blockchain, you can perform Zero-Knowledge (ZK) computations on-chain, off-chain, and across blockchains. ZK computation adds privacy and confidentiality to blockchains while maintaining their decentralized nature.

The Partisia Blockchain is a public permissioned blockchain focused on interoperability. Partisia Blockchain is developed by a team of world-renowned cryptographers and pioneers in the commercial use of ZK computations.

Partisia offers interoperability, scalability & privacy

In the past, existing blockchains haven’t been able to offer interoperability, scalability, and privacy all at once. The Partisia Blockchain team can add the missing link by incorporating ZK computations into their blockchain.

Several blockchain projects have achieved interoperability and scalability, but have failed to provide adequate privacy to users. Blockchains lack privacy, which has prevented many newcomers from joining the crypto space and becoming blockchain users. Due to its interoperability, scalability, and privacy, Partisia Blockchain can attract users who have avoided blockchain due to privacy concerns, which will promote mass adoption.

PARTISIA Blockchain is an advanced layer 1 blockchain that offers a solution to several of blockchain technology’s problems by using MPC cryptography to bring privacy to public blockchains, scalability via sharding, and a secure, interoperable token that uses MPC threshold key signature management.

About The $MPC Token

Liquid coins such as BTC and ETH are used directly in transactions. Staking $MPC tokens provides insurance against objective fraud for node operators and users. The MPC token is not used for payment, but as a store of value.

Partisia’s DEX Listing & Launch Process

To ensure a smooth launch, the Partisia team agreed to:

  1. One week before the token sale, have their domain fully SSL certified.
  2. Cloudflare must protect their domain and share the proof with TrustSwap one week before the token sale.
  3. Disclose the vesting schedule for all tokens, including team, strategic investors, private presale, influencers, etc.
  4. Provide no less than $150,000 of liquidity upon DEX listing.
  5. For the first seven days following the launch of the DEX, at least one community moderator should be active on each social platform (Discord, Telegram, etc.).

Step-by-step guide for KYC completion

Go to // and click the blue button to fill out the application between 5PM UTC on May 19th and 5PM UTC on May 20th (24 hrs). You must also submit the KYC at // along with the form. The KYC link is live. Participants can submit their KYC without waiting until the 19th of May. However, they still need to fill out the pledge form on TrustSwap Dashboard.

  1. Applicants will receive a number of entries depending on their staked SWAP/SwapScore (see above chart for details).
  2. The 666 winners of the draw will be notified via TrustSwap’s Dashboard Messaging System with payment instructions.
  3. The remaining 300 people selected in the drawing will be on ‘stand-by’ and have the first option to participate if there are any unsold tokens after the initial rounds are complete.

$MPC Token Offering Eligibility

The Partisia $MPC token offering is open to anyone who is not domiciled in the USA or a UN-sanctioned country.


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