Like Open Forest Protocol, Purchase Tokenized Defi Land NFTs With ECORISE DAO Stablecoin | TrustSwap Launchpad Crypto ICO 2022

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Cryptocurrencies have various use cases. These use cases aren’t necessarily tied to a financial token. For instance, ECORISE, a new decentralized blockchain project for ecological sustainability, uses ECO token based on land. These land based stablecoins incentivize natural ecosystems and at-risk land for conservation. On May 10, 2022, TrustSwap will launch the initial offering of these tokens.

Stablecoins are becoming increasingly relevant in Defi. Crypto markets are volatile, so finding hedging methods within the market becomes essential. It is critical to note, however, that even stablecoins are not immune to inflation risks. A viable alternative is offered by ECORISE through its “appreciative assets held in the Treasury.” These assets include lands, lease agreements, carbon credits, and other cryptocurrencies. The value of ECO stablecoins increases as the value of these assets in the treasury increases. A balanced ecosystem would be created by reducing the network’s governance tokens.

Buy Governance Deflationary Token, $RISE For Ecorise DAO Decision Making

The network has a dedicated DAO to bring like-minded individuals and organizations together to further ecological sustainability and conservation. Data will be shared and technological aids will be used to get price feeds for “carbon credits and co-benefit markets.” The platform will use the economic outlooks of natural ecosystems to reward ecological conservation efforts. Real estate is leased or purchased and tokenized using NFTs, which will be stored in the decentralized vault of the DAO.

To achieve the intended result, the network utilizes a two-token system. The first is the ECO stablecoin, whose value is pegged to decentralized oracles. The token is not directly linked to fiat money, unlike other stablecoins in DeFi. To increase predictability and stability, ECO is directly tied to assets like lands. Deflationary measures are taken using RISE, the governance token. Equal dollar value can be traded for ECO. On May 10, the RISE token offering portal will be open for only 24 hours. RISE tokens are used for making decisions and approving funding on ECORISE DAO. The TrustSwap Launchpad can be accessed by clicking the ‘start’ button. Personal information and KYC verification will be required in the following steps. There will be a 48-hour waiting period after registration, during which internal verification will take place. After successfully completing the internal verification process, users will receive an email stating the maximum amount they can spend. Within the next 24 hours, make your payments. Otherwise, the chance would be passed on to the next person in line.


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