Solana Based NFT Game Wizardia ($WZRD) Crypto Token Review 2022 | TrustSwap Launchpad Discount Twitter Announcement Before IDO

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TrustSwap has been known to launch new crypto projects and propel them to great levels of success. TrustSwap launchpad is also a great platform for promoting blockchain based projects. Wizardia launched its native token, $WZRD on the Launchpad, gaining a massive response from the community. Powered by the high-performance Solana blockchain, the $WZRD utility token also functions as an in-game currency. With a 24-hour trading volume of $254,776 USD, the coin’s price today is $0.059796 USD.

The traction was so huge that they recently offered a promotional opportunity to thank the TrustSwap community. This offer has now been expanded to include Everyone Staking SWAP, as well as their new Wizard NFTs!

The initial offer was exclusively for:

  • The Top 1000 SWAP stakers
  • TrustSwap Golden Ticket NFT holders
  • Everyone who participated in the Wizardia FlashLaunch event.

VIP members of TrustSwap received a 20% discount on Wizardia Arena Genesis NFTs. Wizardia has now agreed to extend the offer to include their newly released Wizard NFTs (playable in-game avatars that can be leveled up and traded or rented) as well as open up this offer to everyone currently staking SWAP! In fact, if you are staking SWAP you can sign into your Dashboard Mail now to access your Wizardia promotional discount codes and get 20% off both the Arena Genesis and Wizard NFTs!

P2E With Wizard NFTs or Staking Arena Genesis Tokens in the Wizardia Metaverse 2022

The TrustSwap Dashboard Mail system has sent a secret message to all wallets that received the initial Wizardia offer and all wallets that are staking any amount SWAP on any blockchain supported by TrustSwap. The Arena Genesis NFTs represent the current Battle Arena in the Wizardia Metaverse. They will be used to distribute passive rewards from fights in the arena. NFTs will earn rewards until the Battle Arena goes live. Through gameplay, Wizard NFTs can be strengthened and leveled up to increase play-to-earn rewards. Players can trade or rent out these items, which each have different rarities and attributes.


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