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TrustSwap is excited to provide the launchpad services for those ready to participate in the historic launchpad. is an already well-established company that facilitates thousands of orders daily across 22 states, and already brings in millions in revenue. is the most fundamentally-sound project to ever come to the TrustSwap. is a platform that facilitates consumer deliveries globally within guaranteed 2-hours! The presale for the $BUY token (Algorand) is happening on the TrustSwap launchpad, and to get involved with this historical launch is incredibly easy, with assured allocations*.

The application procedure is straight-forward and consists of 3 steps:

Step 1 — Buy Swap Tokens.
Step 2 — Stake your Swap Tokens in the TrustSwap Staking dashboard.
Step 3 — On Launchpad day, July 14th, submit the Participation form.

For a guaranteed* participation you need to stake a minimum of 4,000 SWAP tokens (or have an average of 2,500 SWAPs staked over the past 60 days).The more SWAP you stake, the more ‘$BUY’ tokens you can purchase! See the below graphic for the Tiered Multiplier system.

(*) Pending KYC plus Geographical restrictions.

There are 3 ways to buy SWAP tokens:

a) On the TrustSwap website (bank transfer or a card payment)

  • Navigate to // and click [Buy SWAP] on the upper right of the page.
  • Select the payment method you would like to use (payment methods depend on country) and the amount of fiat money you wish to exchange for SWAP tokens.

  • Click [Buy Now].
  • Enter your ERC20 wallet address where you wish to receive your Swap tokens, or alternatively select [CONNECT WALLET] to attach your external wallet, like Metamask.
  • Click [Buy SWAP].
  • Enter your e-mail address and complete your purchase by providing your bank/card details on the pop-up windows that follow.
  • Your SWAPs are now purchased and will arrive in the ERC20 wallet address you provided.

b) On Uniswap

Note: If this is your first transaction in this cryptocurrency, you first need to sign the permission for Uniswap to swap your token.

c) On an external exchange

Buy SWAP on any of the supported exchanges found on this link.


  • With the SWAPs in your wallet it is now time to stake them.
  • Navigate to our staking portal.
  • Connect the wallet that contains your SWAP tokens as well as ETH to pay for the staking gas fees. (Metamask, WalletConnect or CoinBase Wallet)
  • Follow the steps in the wizard (Prerequisites, Amount to Stake, Pre-authorization, Confirm, Confirmation).

  • After transaction confirmation, your SWAP tokens are securely staked in our Staking Portal.


Important Note: The launchpad is on the Algorand blockchain.

The application window starts on July 14th, 2021 9:00 AM PST and remains open for 24 hours. And no worry, everybody applying within this timeframe has an equal participation opportunity. No First-Come, First Served.

Within this application period:

  • Go to the TrustSwap launchpad webpage.
  • Click the button to open the Google Form.
  • Complete and submit the form, including your Algorand wallet address and the necessary KYC documents. (KYC document upload is not needed for stakers already registered and approved by Sekuritance.) If you don’t have an Algorand wallet, you can create one here: MyAlgo Wallet.

The portal will close after 24 hours, do not miss the deadline.
You are now all set!

What’s Next?

After submitting the Google Form, your application and KYC will be reviewed. This can take up to 48 hours.
Upon approval, you will receive a message in the TrustSwap Dashboard inbox and an email. This communication will contain your exact allocation amount and the ERC20 wallet address to send in the funds. You have 24 hours to send the funds.

We will also publish the Algorand Opt-In Process Guide .
This is MANDATORY to receive the $BUY tokens.
You will need a little bit of ALGO in your wallet for the Opt-In process approval.

Wait for’s launch day to receive the first batch of $BUY tokens in your Algorand wallet. Please note there is a vesting schedule.


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