Team.Finance Adds Ethereum2.0 Competitor & EVM Chain Velas Network to its Ecosystem | Crypto Wallet & Locking Review

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Trustswap aims to build a complete crypto ecosystem. With the addition of Team.Finance, a Defi tool that offers liquidity locking and vesting services to token minters. Team.Finance ensures that investor’s money isn’t dumped by Defi projects and exchanges. Now, Trustswap is looking to partner up with EVM compatiible blockchain, Velas. Velas is a blockchain ecosystem of decentralized products. The Velas blockchain is the fastest EVM chain, designed to be able to compete with Ethereum 2.0. Velas is a Solana fork that includes embedded EVM integration, and its mainnet.

The chain supports all smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain and provides a scalable solution for dApps with up to 50k transactions per second (TPS). The Velas blockchain features instant, low-cost transactions that are just a fraction of the cost of other blockchains and also allows users to earn staking rewards.

How Does Token & Liquidity Locking & Vesting Platform, Team.Finance Support For The Velas Blockchain?

Adding Velas Blockchain support to our industry-leading Team Finance platform expands our customer reach. Team Finance’s goal is to grow. Expanding to another chain adds yet more value to Team.Finance and makes it a no-brainer for more projects to lock tokens with our platform, thereby increasing the total value locked. Bringing crypto to the world and strengthening the wider crypto ecosystem is also consistent with our mission. As we partner with more blockchains, we can strengthen our connection to the broader crypto community and increase adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Login to Your Velas Account For Web3 Solutions Like One-Click Crypto Payments 2022

VELAS builds an open-source ecosystem of blockchain products and services, combining the best qualities of both centralized and decentralized solutions. This project involves researching state-of-the-art cryptography, developing consensus protocols, and designing intuitive user interfaces that enable developers, enterprises, and people worldwide to join an easily accessible, transparent, and community-governed ecosystem for web 3. Velas is in the process of developing a number of products. A Velas Account is an easy-to-use entry point into the Velas Ecosystem with seamless account login, one-click crypto payment infrastructure, and support for many currencies.
Using Velas Vault, users can gain access to decentralized services and delegate password security to segmentation algorithms, distributing the information over the network without making it available to other users. Velas Wallet is a multi-currency wallet that allows staking. Besides Web, Mobile iOS, Mobile Android, Desktop Windows, Desktop Mac, and Desktop Linux, it’s cross-platform. Users can also manage all of their coins with one seed phrase. The wallet can also protect users from tracking and surveillance.


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