Mint Fully Audited ERC-20 Crypto Tokens With Liquidity Locks On TrustSWAP’s SmartLaunch | Defi NFT Marketplace, Swappable Announced Twitter

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The biggest issue the blockchain industry faces today is security. 2021 alone has seen over a billion dollars lost to crypto scammers. TrustSwap aims to solve this problem with SmartLaunch, which includes a token generator called Mint. Mint is capable of creating fully audited tokens in seconds. This comes in addition to the liquidity and token locks offered by the TrustSwap ecosystem.

SmartLaunch also uses cutting-edge technology and best practices to ensure data security and restrict external threats. All contracts have been audited numerous times before the launch date, and the code has been effectively open-sourced. By providing effective security services for token holders, TrustSwap aims to become a brand people can trust. A total of $135 million in TVL is also available on the platform. Token holders can check the status of their projects at any time at a central location.

SWAP Coin Holders to Stake Token Into Mining Pools For Representative Share

Every time a token is created on Mint, 0.5% of the total supply is collected. The 0.5% are divided into thirty-day “mining pools” and 0.1% are collected to support TrustSwap Inc.’s growth. SWAP holders who stake SWAP into a mining pool designed for a particular project earn a representative share of that mining pool. As a result, any pool staked in by the holders will earn the holders a unique token. Additionally, each mining pool will hold a certain amount of SWAP as it awards tokens. Therefore, this process will reduce the circulating supply of SWAP, which inadvertently leads to scarcity.

Upcoming Rebase, Inflation, Deflation & Staking Features For Mint Token

Mint will be rolled out in stages. There will be basic minting functionality in phase one. The first quarter of 2021 is expected to be the completion date for this phase. Then, others can be added, like rebase, inflation, deflation, and staking. Phase Two is scheduled for early in the second quarter. Polkadot integration will be brought to the cross-chain in Phase Three. Additionally, the team hopes to achieve this by the end of Q2. In the past, TrustSwap has revealed details of its upcoming Swappable Defi NFT and ERC-20 marketplace.


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