TrustSwap Launchpad Adds $SWAP to LTSP on Ethereum Blockchain Following Team Finance, Crypto App & Swappable’s Success 2022

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TrustSwap’s Long-Term Staking Pools Have Arrived. As a result, $SWAP will be removed from circulation, and long-term holders will receive staking rewards and launchpad allocations. This is beneficial for both the SWAP token and the launchpad. Those who are long-term holders will be rewarded with rewards. Everyone who is involved in the long-term success of the project will benefit from this new iteration. For the first few weeks, the LTSP will only be available on Ethereum. Three more chains will then be rolled out one-by-one: Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC.

Exclusive Chat & TrustSwap VIP Community Council Invite For top SWAP Stakers

The Long-Term Staking Pools will receive 5 million SWAPs over 5 years as a baseline. Stake rewards will continue to grow indefinitely as additional SWAPs from buybacks are added each month. These extra staking rewards will come from the revenue from our products such as Team Finance, The Crypto App, Swappable, etc. For stakers, stake payouts will happen hourly, proportionally based on their points earned in the system. Scores of the top 1,000 stakers will be invited to an exclusive chat. Those who stake 100k SWAP for five years will be invited to join the TrustSwap VIP Community Council.

Here is the math that will determine your score:
(Amount of Swap staked) X (Time Multiplier) = score

You will earn 1% of the staking rewards every hour if you hold 1% of the points in the staking pool. The time multiplier is calculated as follows, with 30 days being the minimum staking period.

1x   30 days

1.25x   90 days

1.5x   180 days

2x   1 year

3x     2 years

7x     4 years

10x     5 years

You can use the multiplier to see how many points you will make for different stake amounts and stake lengths:

Stake 100,000 SWAP for 5 years 1,000,000

Stake 10,000 SWAP for 5 years 100,000

Stake 100,000 SWAP for 30 days 100,000

Stake 4,000 SWAP for 5 years 40,000

Stake 4,000 SWAP for 30 days 4,000

Like SWAP Staking Rewards, Stakeholders Could Increase APYs With Launchpad Allocations

As with SWAP staking rewards, Launchpad allocation amounts are distributed proportionately based on Stake Scores.

The size of your allocation for a launchpad is determined by your stake score in relation to everyone else who applied. You get a larger allocation if you hold a greater percentage of the pool. For example, if the raise is $1M, and you are the only applicant, you receive the entire $1M allocation. The allocation would be $10,000 if many people applied to the launchpad, and if you had one percent of the points in the application pool.

By staking long-term, small and large stakeholders alike will have an equal opportunity to increase their allocation size.

Once a stake has been created, stakers can:
– Add more SWAP to their existing stake at any time.
– Increase the length of their stake, increasing their staking APY in the process.
– Re-stake their earnings by clicking “compound,” which also increases their APY.

-Stakers cannot end a stake early

Minimum Swap Score for Launchpads, LTSP Staking & Withdrawal, & More FAQs:

Q: Can I transfer my stake directly from the old pool to the LTSP without waiting the 7-day withdrawal period?
A: Smart contracts are immutable, meaning they cannot be changed. Withdrawals must be made within seven days for all users.

Q: Do we need to move our stake from the main staking pool to the new long-term staking pool?
A: Yes. The old staking pool has now been migrated exclusively to the LTSP. Launchpad access is available through the LTSP only as well, although there is a grace period of one month.

Q: How will Swap Score be affected?
A: Swap Score has been discontinued. Long-term supporters received a bonus called Swap Score, which lasted sixty days and only provided a slight bonus.

Q: Is there a max cap on the amount of SWAP that can be staked in the LTSP?
A: No

Q: Is there a minimum amount that can be staked?

A: No, there is no minimum

Q: What is the minimum score to be eligible for Launchpads?
A: The minimum score is 4,000, which can be achieved by staking 400 swaps for 5 years


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