TrustSwap Launchpad & SIGMA’s First P2E MMORPG, NFT Champions |$CHAMP Token Available on Crypto DEXs For ETH & SWAP 2022

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NFT Champions is the first play to earn NFT based game, where players can purchase monsters as NFTs and train them. Eventually, they can use them to battle each other and raid bosses. NFT Champions is finally set to launch its own cryptocurrency, the CHAMP token, which will be an official currency within its game. Developed by Denver based company SIGMA Studios in collaboration with TrustSwap Launchpad, the CHAMP token will also be available for purchase as a stand alone cryptocurrency.

SIGMA enlist developers of Fortnite, Halo & WoW for the development of NFT Champions

The game will rely heavily on NFTs, as its name implies. The game’s Champions, which players can use for training and fighting, will be in the form of non-fungible tokens that players can first mint, then buy from others once the minting reaches its limit. The game itself is also based on blockchain technology, and it is designed with Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) for next-generation gaming. Most of its developers have previously worked on major hits such as Halo, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, and the like.

Additionally, it should be noted that this will be the first play-to-earn NFT-based game out there. This game is designed to be beautiful, immersive, and fun, offering users the opportunity to earn Champions and travel around, exploring the open world alone or with their friends. As with any MMORPG, it is also highly recommended that players connect to one another and form new friendships with others from all around the world, and participate in this metaverse together.

Earn rewards by purchasing Champion NFTs & raiding in-game bosses or other players

First of all, players will be able to earn real money by playing NFT Champions because their rewards will come in the form of a $CHAMP token. Tokens will serve as in-game currency, but they will also be listed on DEXs, making them available for purchase, likely in exchange for SWAP, ETH, and possibly other currencies.

Additionally, the tokens can be used to purchase Champions (NFTs), which are monsters that players will train and use to fight. One of the best ways to earn cash prizes is to face a raid boss alone or with friends. It will be more difficult to fight alone, but the player will keep the entire reward. In addition, attacking the boss as a group will make it easier to defeat, but the reward must be divided among players.

Players can also fight one another, which is expected to be the most challenging aspect of the game, and the winner will also receive cash rewards.


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