TrustSwap Launchpad & CeFi DeFi RegTech Ecosystem, Sekuritance ($SKRT) Launches Portal 2022 | Wins Dubai Expo Award For KYC Solution

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Sekuritance defines itself as a CeFi DeFi RegTech system that provides businesses and individuals with compliance tools. Now with the launch of their portal, their $SKRT token can be utilized to perform compliance checks. With governments directing their focus towards regulating cryptocurrencies, compliance tools have become a necessity. Reflecting this shift, RegTech start up was launched on the TrustSwap Launchpad. Sekuritance also received the KYC Provider of the Year award by both AIBC and Crypto Expo Dubai. Let us look into what the company has accomplished over the past six months through the voice of Antonio Bileci, Sekuritance’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer.

Sekuritance Token Holders Can Check ETH Address Mixing, Privacy & Compliance On Portal

Previously, new crypto projects needed to build and use many different solutions to fight fraud and check for money laundering concerns, including whitelists, blacklists, sanctions, screening, 3D secure, and checking ETH addresses for mixing and privacy. However, all of these factors are important to keeping a business compliant with the regulations and guidelines issued by the various authorities. Founded in 2006, Sekuritance helps businesses and projects around the world tackle these challenges now and in the future.

$SKRT has ambitious plans for the future, but for now, the main benefits are related to the levels of users who hold it in their wallets. Our portal allows the users to take control of their own data, and analyze who they are doing business with, whether it is another individual or a business. There are both traditional verification tools and on-chain checks. Now that the portal has been updated, $SKRT holders can stake. Our platform enables users to conduct checks directly on individuals and businesses across the globe with their $SKRT. Small or large, it does not matter. The $SKRT token currently offers these utilities, but there is a lot more to come in the new roadmap.

Sekuritance Team Comprises of Ex-Airbnb MD, Software Developers, Fintech & Crypto Experts

Check out the leaders behind the revolutionary technology behind Sekuritance. This is only the core team. In addition, there is an operations team, a tech team, a compliance team, and more. As of now, the company has approximately 20 employees, and more will be hired as it expands.

Jonathan Camilleri Bowman (CEO & Project Visionary) – Jonathan has over 20 years of experience in commercial software development, with ten years focused on enterprise-level multi-national fintech organizations and products.

Quent Rickerby (CSO) – a FinTech, RegTech, and eCommerce expert with over 20 years of experience. He is responsible for strategy, execution, and operations, including product management and global community development. In addition to serving as CSO, Quent is also a part-owner of Sekuritance. In addition, Quent has held several executive positions, including MD of Airbnb UK, CEO of OpenPayd, and many more.

Jan Gatt (CTO) Jan has 13 years of experience in the finance, banking, and gaming sectors.

Antonio Bileci (CMBDO) – Antonio has a diverse background in media, software, iGaming, finance, marketing, and has worked on international crypto exchanges and projects.

Over 40 Private Sales, 30 Public Sales & $80 Million Raised With $SKRT Token Release on Polygon

We are very excited about what we have achieved in the past year at Sekuritance. In just over one year, we have participated and exhibited at over 10 events in four countries. Over 30+ public sales, 40+ private sales, and $80m+ have been raised. Additionally, we’re now catering to projects outside of the crypto world. Additionally, we have expanded the accessibility of our token by going multi-chain.
The $SKRT token was also made available on Polygon in December. The team is looking to the future and building out tools and strategies to support the entire crypto and FinTech sector.

What are the challenges this industry is currently facing? How is Sekuritance solving this?

In the beginning, Sekuritance’s solutions were built with traditional technology using REST-based APIs that connected to a variety of technologies and data-sets – each specialized in its own niche (KYC, KYB, device-id checks, blacklists, etc) and originally targeted toward the traditional finance industry. There was a huge need for these solutions in the crypto space and a need to be prepared for the tightening of this space, so we wanted to be at the forefront of this race. Several solutions exist aimed at traditional finance but we have yet to find one like ours that not only bridges the two worlds but is also more individually inclusive in terms of bringing all partners under one roof to deliver a more holistic solution – a one-stop-shop for managing Regulations, Risk, and Compliance.

KYC, KYB, PCI & Multi Factor Authentication Part of Sekuritance’s Roadmap

New partnerships are just around the corner that will set us apart. A number of prominent people and companies across many industries are becoming very interested in our compliance systems. The trend will continue. Our number of launches and verifications is around two per week. Many industries need compliance, so everyone is looking for a compliance partner that provides the full RegTech suite under one roof, including:

  • KYC – AML
  • KYB – AML
  • PCI Certified Vault
  • 3DS2 Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Third-Party Fraud Watchdog
  • On-chain Analysis
  • Transaction Monitoring
  • Digital Seals of Verification
  • And more!!

The company will also be releasing its 18-month roadmap in June 2022, so prepare yourself for some big changes in the spheres of RegTech, FinTech, PayTech, and of course blockchain.


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