TrustSwap’s DeFi NFT & ERC-20 MarketPlace, Swappable To Utilize SYNC’s CryptoBonds | Rarible & OpenSea Lag Behind

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SYNC Network has created NFT bonds that store locked liquidity and can be traded on TrustSwap’s  soon-to-launch Swappable. The marketplace has caught SYNC’s attention. Swappable is a DeFi NFT and ERC-20 exchange. With this integration, DeFi can offer more exciting use cases. TrustSwap focuses on improving the functionality of the entire DeFi ecosystem. With its Swappable and Tokensale launchpad, the DeFi space will provide more functions soon.

SYNC introduces feature to exit a CryptoBond at any time

In an official blog post, SYNC announced their partnership with TrustSwap’s Swappable. It believes that TrustSwap’s Swappable functionality is a worthy competitor to top players in the DeFi NFT space, like Rarible and Opensea. SYNC hopes to address several issues ignored by top players in the DeFi NFT space, such as giving back to the community for using the platform.

OpenSea and Rarible are excellent NFT marketplaces, but SYNC and TrustSwap bring more to the table. Rarible and OpenSea categorize NFTs as “just artwork and things of the like,” although CryptoBonds are also available on OpenSea. With support from TrustSwap, SYNC has a more diverse outlook on CryptoBonds, beyond a financial outlook. A key feature of SYNC is the ability to exit a CryptoBond at any time.

SYNC Network to whitelist SWAP token

According to SYNC, TrustSwap’s Swappable is the best choice because its fees are much lower when compared to that of competing platforms. Even more interesting is the fact that a whopping 80% of fees acquired is paid back to TrustSwap SWAP token stakers.

Interested persons are advised to ensure they actively stake SWAP tokens while trading CryptoBonds. The SYNC Network will, furthermore, whitelist the TrustSwap SWAP token for CryptoBond creation. Recently, we covered exciting updates expected on TrustSwap with its Launchpad projects taking the lead.

SWAP price, market cape & trading volume

SWAP was trading at $0.494501, with a market cap of $32,051,063 and a 24-hour trading volume of $1,590,000 at the time of publication. SYNC traded at $0.03287895 with a 24-hour trading volume of $130,651.


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