TrustSwap Launchpad’s Addition of Swapdrops & CoinMarketCap’s Wagman Announced | Avoid ETH Gas Fees With SGAS Crypto Project

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TrustSwap has its community excited about its Mainnet launch. Before the launch, however, the platform has announced three major updates, first of which is Swapdrops. It was also announced that an industry expert would be joining the team. The final addition would be the integration of Launchpad transactions to its ecosystem. TrustSwap’s DeFi platform is undergoing major changes, as announced on its Twitter handle.

Former Goldman Sachs & CMC Analyst, Luke Wagman Joins TrustSwap’s DeFi Platform

Luke Wagman, a former Goldman Sachs analyst, recently joined the DeFi platform. Goldman Sachs’ Wagman served as an intermediary between traditional and crypto finance transactions. Then, he was hired by CoinMarketCap (CMC), where he evaluated coin and exchange listings on the platform. Aside from her major role at CMC, Wagman also helped facilitate several important partnerships, such as CMC’s partnership with Yahoo Finance. Also, he was a huge force in marketing, product development, and execution. Wagman will help introduce TrustSwap to both crypto and traditional financial systems. Having him on board at TrustSwap is definitely a plus for the DeFi-focused platform.

Margin & Options Trading Decentralized Exchange For SWAP In The Works

In order to facilitate the smooth launch of its decentralized exchange with margin and options trading, DeFi has enlisted the support of a dedicated development team. Previously, the team created a centralized margin exchange, so creating a decentralized exchange will take less time. It is important to note that most of the funds made from the DEX exchange will go directly to SWAP stakeholder accounts. As important as the addition of the development team is, the focus remains on finalizing all the proposed products of the TrustSwap ecosystem.

SGAS Utility Token To Give Discounts on Ethereum Mainnet & TrustSwap

SGAS is a utility token within the TrustSwap ecosystem. The platform is currently studying the requirements for launching a yield farming platform for SGAS. ETH gas prices are outrageous, but SGAS has come up with a way to make them affordable. SGAS purchases ETH gas at low prices, so users can burn SGAS when the price of ETH gas increases. SGAS will provide discounts both on TrustSwap and on the Ethereum mainnet. At the moment, SGAS can only be obtained by staking SWAP.


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